Bringing together corporate, tech and retail experience, the Rohvi team is pioneering an approach to recommerce that drives customers back to the originating retailer.


sara whiffen

Sara saw the benefits of auto buyback programs when she worked at Lexus.  As Rohvi's Founder and CEO, she's created a way for retail fashion merchants to get the same positive outcomes - increased loyalty, retention, and spend. 


beth crooker

Beth's background in math, data science, and computer programming made her a natural for Co-Founder and CTO.  Previously, she worked with Northrop Grumman, HLDI, and Norfolk Southern. 


jane jackson

As Head of Dev Ops, Jane uses her software engineering experience to manage our tech stack and integrations.  She previously worked with Forbes, HBO, and Morgan Stanley. 


TJ Kliefoth

Marketing and Social Media fall under TJ.  With her retail and visual design experience she develops, executes, and measures effective campaigns from start to finish.