What retailers are saying about working with Rohvi


what customers are saying about the process


"Man! I wish I knew this buyback was happening! I sold these Pedro Garcias on The Real Real about 6 months ago and I'd rather have your store credit. This new program is brilliant."


Many customers prefer store credit to cash for their resale items.  Contact us and we'll tell you why. 


"What a cool idea but you’d have to pry these boots off my cold, dead feet. :) They have become one of my most favorite pairs of shoes."


While she didn't accept the exchange, her email began a direct conversation with our retailer and resulted in a purchase.



"I really loved these new sandals - but when I wore them for more than 5 minutes the straps really dug into my feet... so I didn't wear them much. I think this new program is wonderful!"


We found out she wasn't the only customer who had this experience with this particular shoe.  Our retailer used this information to inform future buying decisions.  

the media is talking about us too

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