Our mission is to drive customers back to the originating retailer when they are ready to part with their purchases..png

the retailer experience



Using the data you already have from past customer transactions, we derive buyback offers that reflect your retention and marketing needs.  You provide the data.  We'll bring your customers back to you for their next purchase. 



Fully aligned with your brand identify and customer communication style, we design and send personalized buyback emails to your customers on your behalf.  



A turnkey solution, we can manage all aspects of the buyback process - offer design, sending, tracking, fulfilling, and servicing.  Or we can manage pieces of it if preferred.  The platform is fully configurable to meet retailer needs.  


Seamless brand experience for the customer

Transactional level engagement from a Marketing driven platform

interactions that retailers use to inform future buying and pricing decisions.


the customer experience



Your customers receive a branded buyback offer that is unique to them.  They appreciate the personalized touch and evaluate the options for purchasing new items both in store and online. 



Acceptance of exchanges is simple.  Values are clearly communicated.  There is no need for them to take pictures, wait on offers, or negotiate with strangers online.  


Your customers want to shop.  Retailer buybacks through the Rohvi platform frees their closet, their time, and their minds to do so.  That's why customers who participate spend more on repurchase than they do with a traditional coupon or sale offer.