Harnessing resale to benefit retailers





The Rohvi platform turns past purchases into new sales for fashion retailers.

Brands can easily run fashion buyback campaigns that:

  • increase spend for existing customers

  • attract the next generation by promoting sustainability and access without commitment, and

  • keep your brand in the forefront

  • Fully configurable to align with your brand and marketing strategy

Rohvi has harnessed recommerce for the benefit of retailers.



Apple uses recommerce buyback offers on their phones to generate new sales. The auto industry does this too.

Our founder worked for Toyota & Lexus. To sell a new car, they replace an old one with something newer and better. For some lines this circular process drives as much as 75% of sales.  

Fashion retailers were not doing this. Instead, they were handing their customers over to resale platforms who were building their own relationships with these customers.

Not anymore. With Rohvi, fashion retailers have taken control of their brand, their customers, and the recommerce experience.

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Why The Time Is Right For Recommerce in Retail

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Access without commitment is important to millenials and gen z. New retail entrants are leading the way in presenting alternative business models - and winning these consumers.

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Personalization is paying off. Consumers know retailers have collected their data and expect them to use it to make their lives better and their shopping experience easier. Brands are leaving the door open by not leveraging their sales data.

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Sustainability matters. Rohvi’s resale process connects established brands and retailers with circular fashion in a way that benefits them.


Use resale to your advantage.



Today, more than half of a woman’s closet goes unworn. Items are too tight, too loose, or just not right. They take up space and limit new purchases.

Don’t tell your customers to take these items to another brand for resale. Use circular fashion to your advantage. Keep your brand with YOUR customer. And keep your spot in the closet. 


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Why does recommerce work?  

What are the drivers of successful fashion resale programs?  

How can recommerce be used for the benefit of the brand or retailer that sold the good intially?  


These questions and many others are answered in our white paper Retail Recommerce:  Options and Opportunities.  It explains how various recommerce entry options are structured, the pros and cons of different recommerce business models, and the key considerations every retailer should ask themselves before committing to a resale partnership. 

Reverse the Resale Outflow

Predict when your customers are ready to exchange items before they engage with another brand. Rohvi optimizes the right offer for the right item at the right price so that retailers get the highest spend with the lowest incentive.

With Rohvi, past sales data is used to generate individualized buyback offers. Customers get branded, personalized emails to exchange items for a fixed amount of store credit. Rohvi handles all item collection and store credit processing.  And Rohvi works with retailers to either resell or donate returned items in a way that best meets their need.

Retailers benefit by capturing customer repurchase at the end of their item usage cycle. They also capture data that leads to improved purchasing and pricing for the brand overall, as well as acquisition leads. Retailers have easy dashboard access to view reports on the status and success of the campaigns. 


Partner with Rohvi

Rohvi is designed for enterprise fashion retailers. Set up is easy. There are no tech integrations required.

Pricing is based on incremental customer spend.

Contact us today to learn how you can close the circle on circular fashion. And keep your spot in the closet.

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